My main dude Jeff: an uniformed opinion

I fucking love Jeff Koons, I really do.

I also really fucking love when people manifest their hatred in super awesome ways.

Remember when that lady punched and rubbed her butt on a painting at the Clyfford Still Museum? That was super lame, premeditated gallery vandalism is where its at.

I thank the Whitney Museum for creating this excellent opportunity for all the “critics” and “semi informed art lovers (my fave)” to have a common enemy artist to aim their blogz at, not that I am much better… 

Lets face it, despite what you think of the shiny art mogul, he is an artist. You may despise or worship him which only adds to his clout. Polarizing art is the best art. If everyone though he was the bees knees then no one would care. I feel like this creative backlash to his retrospective creates a depth that a museum full of shiny metal inflatable sculptures and massive paintings of J Money and his former porn star wife banging (i packed up one of those for the exhibit, it was super gross), desperately needed.

I mean look at this! Way more interesting than a white wall.

Enough grandstanding. He is in the history books now, so let us all cease the koonz bashing and start going after other factory artist types (kapoor anyone? Life size incredible hulks are way cooler than chrome bowls).